Friday, July 22, 2011

Chris Evans Training to Boost Yourself from Wannabe to Champion with Power Breathing

Chris Evans Training to Boost Yourself from Wannabe to Champion with Power Breathing
Warning! Many American physicians believe that holding your breath during
exercise could be hazardous to your health. If you have a heart problem, high
blood pressure, or other health concerns, consult your physician before
attempting any of the breathing patterns described in this book!
While sports scientists from the former Soviet Union emphasize special exercises
for the respiratory muscles and recommend state of the art breathing patterns
to be employed during exertion, all the Western breathing wisdom can be
summed up in "inhale as you go down, exhale as you go up". This advice got
old around the days of the Boston Tea Party.
Chris Evans Power Breathing Workouts

There are two types of exhalation which are worlds apart: active and passive.
A pagan Russian berserker’s war scream or the grunt of a strongman bending a
horse shoe are examples of the former. The sigh of relief you give out after a
successful job interview is a latter. The profoundly different effects these (Chris Evans Workout Training)
breathing patterns have on your physical performance are known in Russia as the
pneumo-muscular reflex. This neurological phenomenon can be compared to the
amplifier of your stereo where your brain is the CD player and your muscles are
the speakers. Special baroreceptors in your abdominal and thoracic cavities
register the internal pressure and adjust your muscular tension like the volume
control knob. The higher is this pressure, the greater your strength and
vice versa.


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