Friday, July 22, 2011

Chris Evans Full Contact Twist Workout

Chris Evans Full Contact Twist Workout
This unique drill develops an exceptionally tight waist line, and has several
martial arts applications.
If you believe that a big bench is the key to punching power, think again. A
study performed by Yuri Verkhoshanky and his colleagues—the year the Soviet
Empire collapsed—determined that a good boxer’s punch derives less than a
quarter of its knockout power from the shoulder and arm! Russian research
confirmed what martial artists had known for centuries: your striking force is
seated in your hips and waist.
Chris Evans Full Contact Twist Workout

The best exercise for transferring the hip power into the shoulder, with a high
interest yield, is the Full Contact Twist. This exercise was originally developed
in the Soviet Union for shot put conditioning.
The then-nameless twist came to kickboxers' attention when a famous Russian
shot putter failed to talk his way out of a mugging. This mild mannered man
got annoyed when one of the attackers cut him with a blade. He ruptured the
punk's spleen with a single punch.

Igor Sukhotsky, M.Sc., formerly a nationally ranked weightlifter and an eccentric
sports scientist who took up full contact karate at the age of fort-five, popularized
the twist among Russian fighters. This renaissance man noticed that the
twist not only had increased his striking power, but also had toughened his
midsection against blows by toning it up. Sukhotsky was so impressed with the
Full Contact Twist, that he added it to his super abbreviated strength training
routine which consisted of only four exercises: squats, bench presses, deadlifts,
and good mornings


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